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We succeed where others fail because we understand that learning is easy but changing behaviour is tough

Management Development

In today’s technologically supercharged and globalised world, management development is critical. The life of a manager is full of challenges and opportunities. Organisations have become more complex, diverse and consumer-centric. Knowledge rather than capital or labour is their principal asset. To be competitive, organisations expect today’s managers to do more with less…and quicker.

The list of capabilities demanded of managers at all levels of seniority has grown longer with each passing year, making the task of finding and selecting them ever more expensive. Today’s managers are better educated, carry more responsibilities and are promoted sooner than any previous generation. Yet over half of them don’t fulfil their potential, derailed not by a lack of intelligence or drive but by limited self-awareness, an excessive reliance on capabilities that served them well in the past and a failure to seek out and master new skills.

At ASK we have been helping managers to understand human behaviour, communicate, motivate and work closely with people for over 25 years.

We specialise in the people skills that enable managers to work effectively with direct reports, peers and bosses. We succeed where others fail because we understand that learning is easy but changing behaviour is tough – one authoritative study revealed that only 4% of people succeed in changing an unhelpful behaviour in favour of new, more effective ways of being without sustained support from others. Our customised management development solutions emphasise the importance of the participant’s motivation to change, the necessity for deliberate practise with feedback and the critical role of transfer and application in ensuring that new, more effective behaviours are applied in the workplace in a way that improves organisational performance.

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What our clients say...

“So far ASK have delivered 5 cohorts of the leadership development programme for us 100% virtually and all have been a great success. They have established a great level of rapport with the delegates and delivering virtually certainly has not been a barrier.

ASK kept in touch with us throughout the changeover process and were always really quick to respond to questions and queries.”​

Kay Collier, Head of ONR Academy, Office for Nuclear Regulation

Tools used

Engage, Learn, Transfer

Engage, Learn, Transfer

 Although every one of our management and leadership development programmes is customised to meet our client’s specific needs, they are constructed on a consistent foundation – Engage, Learn and Transfer



At ASK we value the importance of great evaluation to measure the impact of our work and to assess the application of learning to make a demonstrable difference to our clients. CLICK to find out more about our approaches.



Tools to add significant value in highlighting strengths and development areas. Best used in combination with other approaches.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Click to find out more about our highly customisable platform. Offering a wide range of features including individual and group analytics.


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Engage, Learn, Transfer
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