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360 Degree Feedback

ASK 360 degree platform: get a balanced, multi-faceted picture of your leaders, and real insight into their abilities

360 degree feedback gives a greater understanding

At ASK we provide a complete 360 degree feedback service.  Our robust platform is highly customisable, secure and features a wide range of individual and group analytics, to help you make evidence-based decisions about the development and deployment of your people.

Over 25 years of experience in leadership, management development and behavioural change have shown that, when it comes to valuable learning experiences, very few that are equal to a high quality, well managed 360 degree feedback process.

Our 360 degree feedback platform is a cost-effective and easy-to-use way of building self-awareness, and our tool is flexible, delivered through state-of-the-art technology on a secure, accessible platform (which is mobile-enabled, for added convenience) and underpinned by the latest thinking and research in the field.

We are well aware that merely completing a 360 and receiving a short report is not enough; it’s what happens with that information after the 360 that counts. We believe firmly in the power of conversation, in introspective reflection, and high-level action planning. That’s what our reports and feedback services are designed to encourage and support.

Providing you insights that matter most

The analytics in our reports focus your attention on the feedback that is likely to be most useful, insightful, and important – helping you to respond constructively and positively to the feedback and to make changes that will bring about positive outcomes both short and long term.

We also know that our 360 degree feedback service has even more impact when it’s step one of a process, combined with other approaches such as coaching, or a leadership development programme, where the insight provides a useful measure of change, progress and shift over time.

We work with you to create a blended approach, one which is designed specifically to meet your needs, and to ensure that people get lasting, sustainable benefits from your investment.


Our range of 360 services includes:

  • Consultancy– Exploring purpose, defining objectives and success outcomes, designing the review parameters and workflow, and linking 360 degree feedback to other initiatives
  • Questionnaire design– Questionnaires can be built around your own competency framework and values, or constructed from our library of questionnaire items
  • Support– our platform is intuitive and easy to use – it needs no training for those who provide feedback – but our Help Desk is there to support you and ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • Feedback– our experienced coaches and facilitators can provide additional motivation and expert guidance, which helps recipients to make sense of their feedback and decide what they are going to do in response to it. Alternatively, we offer training in 360 degree feedback delivery for your own staff to become confident in having one-to-one developmental conversations.
  • Analysis and reporting– 360 degree reviews provide a wealth of data, and the platform has a range of individual and group analytics that can be used to help you make decisions (e.g., Learning Needs Analysis, or allocation of L&D budgets).  We can also support with custom analyses and reporting requests, helping to drive the change and outcomes that you want to see from a 360 degree review
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