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Assessment Consultancy

Insight, guidance and support for Business Development

Assessment Consultancy

Alongside our cutting-edge leadership & management development programmes and coaching, we also offer assessment services.

Our Assessment Consultancy team – comprised of experienced HR experts, recruitment specialists and occupational psychologists – specialise in designing, delivering and evaluating assessment programmes to meet a range of business needs.

This service is multi-faceted and offers extended, high-level insight, benefiting your organisation in many ways, which include:

  • Creating comprehensive, fair, stretching and focused assessments for talent acquisition
  • Designing promotion assessment processes
  • Tailoring a Leadership Development Programme to a specific cohort by conducting pre-programme competency or capability-based assessments
  • Identifying and fast-tracking high potential
  • Selection of individuals into talent pools or programmes
  • Internal redeployment (e.g., due to restructuring)
  • Monitoring of behavioural change, culture shift or organisational change
  • Auditing skills, strengths and competencies for talent management and succession planning
Assessment Consultants

A partnership that works

We work with you to create a bespoke assessment process which will meet your organisational needs and intended outcomes, using a range of approaches, tools and methodologies, including:

Psychometric profiling and aptitude testing: Our consultants are qualified and trained in using a diverse range of psychometric tools, and we deploy these sensitively, constructively and responsibly.

We believe the use of carefully selected instruments can add significant value in highlighting individuals’ strengths and development areas.  These insights shift perceptions as a necessary and significant early step in the process of behavioural change.

They can also help individuals to appreciate cultural and personal diversity, supporting their development in many aspects of business relationships.

Working with you to identify the tools that best suit your needs, your culture, your required outcomes and – if appropriate – your competency or values framework.  Tool-independent, we can select the best and most up to date product for your project and deliver professional feedback.

Situational Judgement Tests: We have access to a number of questionnaires that help to identify people’s decision-making and situational judgement strengths, and their development needs. This is particularly useful for supporting the transition into management and leadership roles.

360 Degree Feedback: Our world-class 360-degree feedback tool can act as a standalone assessment, but when combined with other approaches, such as psychometrics or an assessment centre, where it brings ‘real world feedback’ into the process and ensure that assessments are holistic, fair and meaningful, it has even more impact.

Job Simulations: Our team design realistic work-based assessments that suit the culture of the organisation, the roles or individuals being assessed and the purpose of the assessment.

Assessment and Development Centres: Using a combination of the approaches above, we can design custom experiences for either selection or development purposes.  We provide highly experienced assessors, or train and support your staff in observation and assessment skills, creating a blended team to develop your internal capability for future programmes.

Our consultants then curate best-in-market assessment exercises for you, or design bespoke materials for a highly impactful, personalised development experience. Feedback and forward planning are always cornerstone features of our assessment and development centres, ensuring that both participants and your organisation achieve measurable outcomes and benefits.

Experienced at designing and delivering assessment projects virtually as well as face-to-face, we can also use a blend of both to best enhance your experience.

Get in touch now to find out how robust, challenging and engaging assessment experiences help you to improve performance at every level of your organisation.

Tools used



Tools to add significant value in highlighting strengths and development areas. Best used in combination with other approaches.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Click to find out more about our highly customisable platform. Offering a wide range of features including individual and group analytics.

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