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Our Values

Living our Values

As experts in behavioural change, we know the outcomes of our work can transform entire organisations, and we can only achieve them by connecting with people. Our core purpose is:

“To support and excite our learners and clients so that their aspirations become reality”

Like our clients we work with, we have defined the values that matter to us. Our five human and professional values underpin everything we do, and inform how we behave, interact, communicate and work.

How we live the values and actions we take

We strive for integrity through openness, trust and honesty - with ourselves and our clients - through continual feedback.

Core to our integrity is our professionalism and our commitment to providing our clients with solutions and outcomes aligned to their goals and aspirations. We are courageous: we know what works, we stick to our beliefs and live by our values.

We believe that everyone is important and deserves to be treated well.

We use our social and emotional intelligence to make meaningful connections with clients and colleagues. We are inclusive, and have due regard and respect for others’ feelings, needs and beliefs. We are one team; we are collaborative and supportive, and we value everyone for the part they play.

We enjoy our work and celebrate our successes together, having a genuine passion for learning and development.

We strive to make our experiences fun and engaging for learners and are always positive in our approach. Underpinning this is our resilience; we have drive, motivation and optimism, which help us create a great place to work.

We continually push ourselves to improve and find better ways of doing things.

We respond positively to change and are proactive in driving our own learning, helping us to be agile and to adapt, grow and thrive. We are always asking “What more can we do?”, taking the initiative and finding ways to make a difference for the team, our clients and the company.

We strive for excellence through a strong, sustained commitment to quality – always aiming to surpass client expectations.

We pride ourselves in the consistency and accuracy of our work. Our organised, thorough, conscientious and disciplined approach means we meet our deadlines and deliver efficiently, taking stress away and making our clients’ lives easier.

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