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The most critical challenge organisations face is the people – their fear, anxiety, loss of motivation and feelings of incompetence. Organisations don’t change, until the people do.

90% of organisational change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives.

The great challenge of organisational change lies in the complex interaction between people, culture, technology, structure, processes, incentives, and information flows that enable an organisation to get things done. And the most critical challenge of them all is the people – their fear, anxiety, loss of motivation, and feelings of incompetence. Because organisations don’t change until the people do.

Lasting and impactful change is driven by a number of factors – from global competition to new technologies, regulatory frameworks or demographic shifts – and the response to these influences needs to be managed in a way that reduces fear and uncertainty, maintaining productivity, and supporting the workforce through the process.

We work with individuals, teams, and organisations to manage:

Organisational change management is never a straightforward process – but when change is inevitably approaching and people don’t feel they are being guided honestly, they become uncertain, anxious, and defensive. Our support enables your leaders to maneuver through this process, honestly and fairly informing and guiding their workforce, and limiting the negative impact on the organisation, ensuring the lasting impact of change as a positive force.

Tools used

Engage, Learn, Transfer

Engage, Learn, Transfer

 Although every one of our management and leadership development programmes is customised to meet our client’s specific needs, they are constructed on a consistent foundation – Engage, Learn and Transfer



At ASK we value the importance of great evaluation to measure the impact of our work and to assess the application of learning to make a demonstrable difference to our clients. CLICK to find out more about our approaches.



Tools to add significant value in highlighting strengths and development areas. Best used in combination with other approaches.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Click to find out more about our highly customisable platform. Offering a wide range of features including individual and group analytics.


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Engage, Learn, Transfer
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