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Management Development

Creative Agency

The Organisation

Originally founded in 1948, our client is one of the largest marketing organisations in the world. A global creative agency, with subsidiary companies that specialise in consumer, corporate, healthcare, technology and social marketing, public affairs and 360 degree digital influence, it operates over 60 offices in locations across the world.

The Project Context

The company organised a week-long learning festival event, held in London for staff from all divisions and levels (including creative directors, account managers, sales, finance and managerial positions). Over this period, a wide range of suppliers were invited to provide 26 individual learning sessions on a broad range of topics.

Our Solution

In response to this invitation, ASK designed and delivered two 90 minute sessions.

The first of these, Creativity and Innovation, was aimed at encouraging people to challenge pre-conceptions and current thinking. How, for example, do organisations become market disrupters, and is it possible to learn how to be a creative type? Participants took part in an interactive, fun challenge designed to identify the principles of creative thinking and strategic innovation. This was followed by an interactive overview and practice of various creative techniques and innovation strategies.

The second session, The Amygdala Hijack, drew on the impact of neuroscience on workplace behaviour and focused on the effects of the physiological and cognitive ‘fight or flight’ responses. By introducing workplace scenarios, participants were able to explore what happens when these responses are triggered and then practise some easily accessible and effective techniques for managing these autonomic responses. The session included:

  • The evolution and physiology of our brain
  • Why we have emotions and how they work
  • The impact of being able to delay gratification and manage your emotions
  • Techniques on how to self-regulate and manage your emotions

Evaluation and Results

“I was at your Amygdala Hijack session last week. Cracking stuff! I really love this area and think it has a big place in User Experience. ”

Delegate Quotes

“I was at your Amygdala Hijack session last week. Cracking stuff! I really love this area and think it has a big place in User Experience.”

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