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We can all be leaders, but for even the best leaders, leadership isn’t something that they do all day, every day.

Leadership Development

Leadership is exercised in pivotal moments, not weeks or months. But to be the best leader we can be when those moments occur, is the work of a lifetime. A journey rather a destination.

During their journey, leaders will develop most of their capabilities through experience; often that will include experience of other leaders, bad as well as good. Opinion differs on the role of formal leadership development courses. Business Schools and many corporate training courses focus on explicit knowledge: the technical skills that can be captured in books, manuals and e-learning.

At ASK we focus on tacit knowledge: the craft and know-how of leadership

Our aim is to help leaders – emerging and established – uncover the leadership style that works best for them. Through observation and feedback we help them to discover their leadership strengths – and build on them. We offer psychometric, 360-degree feedback to raise self-awareness, which is the foundation on which successful leadership is built.

Because leadership will always be about people, we provide a safe environment for deliberate practise of complex interpersonal skills. We create the space for leaders to learn, discuss and think about the big issues that lie at the heart of leadership – issues such as trust, self-confidence, courage and integrity. And because like all journeys, leadership development can be long and arduous, we support all of our programmes with face-to-face, telephone or online coaching to drive sustainable learning transfer into the workplace.

We can’t all be great leaders, but with the right experiential development, everyone can be a better leader.

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Tools used

Engage, Learn, Transfer

Engage, Learn, Transfer

 Although every one of our management and leadership development programmes is customised to meet our client’s specific needs, they are constructed on a consistent foundation – Engage, Learn and Transfer



At ASK we value the importance of great evaluation to measure the impact of our work and to assess the application of learning to make a demonstrable difference to our clients. CLICK to find out more about our approaches.



Tools to add significant value in highlighting strengths and development areas. Best used in combination with other approaches.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Click to find out more about our highly customisable platform. Offering a wide range of features including individual and group analytics.


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Engage, Learn, Transfer
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Kay Collier, Head of ONR Academy, Office for Nuclear Regulation

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