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Performance Management

Construction Manufacturing

The Organisation

The original client produced plasterboard and plaster products for construction, and employed 13,000 people in the UK. During the lifetime of the programme, the organisation was acquired by a global group, employing nearly 50,000 people worldwide.

The Project Context

The client originally commissioned ASK to produce a three-day programme focusing on leadership and managing performance. After the organisation’s acquisition, the programme was reviewed in the light of the need for a global approach to performance management.

The Requirement

Following the transition to a global operating context, ASK was invited to review the existing programme, specifically to:

  • Enhance the focus on performance management
  • Introduce new content to cover Planning for Performance (setting goals and expectations).

In addition to also being asked to increase the pace of the event, ASK was also required to provide detailed evaluation of the programme to provide evidence of its effectiveness and business impact.

Our Solution

To tackle this challenge, ASK revised the design to create a two-day workshop-based programme, which incorporated use of the FIRO-B® and MBTI® psychometric instruments, a 360 degree questionnaire, exercises that explore and illuminate goal-setting and organisational behaviour, and skills practise sessions on Planning for Performance, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Coaching, and Challenging Gaps in Performance.

Pre-workshop preparations, involving the line manager, focused delegate’s participation and include preparation of a ‘real life’ case study to bring to the workshop. Follow-through was provided through the use of the unique ResultsEngine® technology, which enhanced learning transfers and measured participants’ progresses towards their individual development goals.

A European-wide audience (including delegates from Turkey, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Scandinavia) provided additional opportunities for dialogue and networking.


Evaluation responses from participants (on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being ‘excellent’) included the following:

  • The Challenging a Gap in Performance session will help me deal more effectively with under-performance in the workplace – 4.5
  • The Giving and Receiving Feedback session will help me to create a climate in which feedback is used to improve performance – 4.3
  • The Coaching for Performance session will help me to use coaching to improve performance in the workplace – 4.4
  • The Leadership Development Planning session helped me to set my personal development goals – 4.1

The programme is currently being revised to incorporate elements of virtual and cross-cultural leadership.

Delegate Quotes

“Thank you for very supportive and fruitful session. It will definitely help me to develop myself. Especially coaching techniques and challenging CLOSE model.”

“The openness and humour makes it very easy to follow the course. The balance between theory and interaction makes it fun and helpful to practice the models.”

“Programme worked very well and the fact that thought had taken place to ensure diversity in the smaller teams was evident. I wish that I had been introduced to some of the tools used 10 – 15 years ago.”

“Very valuable training session, the extended programme brings a lot of value. Highly recommend.”

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