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ILM Accreditation

Internationally recognised qualifications in Management, Leadership and Coaching

ASK Europe is an accredited centre with the ILM (a City & Guilds Company) offering qualifications from Level 2 to Level 7.

What is the ILM?

The ILM is recognised as a market leader for the development and assessment of leadership and management qualifications. It currently operates in 34 countries worldwide and has a global reputation for excellence. Last year over 90,000 people in the UK registered for an ILM qualification, gaining the crucial skills and knowledge to improve their performance at work.

What makes ILM Qualifications different?

ILM qualifications are designed to be appropriate for all levels of management and are suitable both for people who are already in management positions and those who are looking for career progression.

All ILM qualifications are benchmarked against national management standards, which means that they are recognised by a wide range of organisations across a variety of sectors.

Can I customise what topics I want to study?

The ILM launched a new approach to qualifications, developing a new qualifications framework which makes it even more relevant to your learning and development. This new framework provides greater options and flexibility, and allows you to build on from one qualification to the next.

What levels can ASK offer?

ASK offers ILM qualifications suitable for all levels of managers, from team leaders (level 2) to senior managers (level 7). We provide fully tailored programmes, designed to meet all of your training needs. Typical programmes are offered for groups of 12-15 managers and include personal development planning, 360-degree feedback, workshops, networking events, leadership centres and project work. We encourage active participation and peer support in all of our programmes.

I want to study outside of my organisation, can ASK accommodate this?

Yes! We also provide accredited courses for independent learners on a world-wide basis, offering blended programmes that combine e-learning / directed personal study and virtual classroom sessions. This approach delivers an accessible and flexible programme for learners, whilst ensuring that you still benefit from regular discussions about management topics with a range of other learners.

What kind of support will I receive?

All learners on our accredited programmes are fully supported throughout the process of achieving their qualification, with access to a dedicated tutor/assessor for advice and guidance at every stage of your programme, as well as access to our e-Academy, where you can use the e-library, network with other learners, take part in discussions and upload / download assignments.

Contact us for further information about our accredited programmes.

Further information about the ILM and available qualifications can be found by going to the ILM website.


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