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Browse a selection of ASK brochures, where you’ll find an overview of our programmes and services, helping you to understand more about how learning and development underpin business growth, bringing positive change in organisational culture and staff retention. If you need to discuss your learning and development requirement further, contact us on 01234 757575 or hello@askeurope.com.

Management and Leadership Development Brochure

Developing leadership skills

At ASK we focus on tacit knowledge: the craft and know-how of leadership.

Our aim is to help leaders – both emerging and established – uncover the leadership style that works best for them. Through observation and feedback, we help them to discover their leadership strengths – and build on them. We offer psychometrics and 360 degree feedback to raise self-awareness, which is the foundation on which successful leadership is built.

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Performance Management Brochure

Performance management brochure

At ASK we have been helping managers to understand human behaviour, communicate, motivate and work closely with people for over 25 years.

We specialise in the people skills that enable managers to work effectively with direct reports, peers, and bosses. We succeed where others fail, because we understand that learning is easy, but changing behaviour is tough. Our customised solutions emphasise the importance of your motivation to change, the necessity for deliberate practise, and the critical role of transferring new skills to be sure that new behaviours are applied in the workplace in a way that improves organisational performance.

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Executive Coaching Brochure

Executive Coaching brochure

Coaching; impactful and successful support beyond the classroom.

Coaching in business is a powerful tool – one which will guide you through learning, and support you as you apply everything you learn to your work. Coaching helps you to adapt as a leader and enables your team to grow with you.

Having an experienced, expert Coach by your side, supporting you as you plan steps forward, prioritising new processes, always aligning your growth with the ambitions of your team and organisation, means that you can unlearn old habits and embed more proactive and successful ways of working.

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Consulting Solutions Brochure

Consulting brochure

A high-level solution for Senior Leaders and Managers.

Consultancy can be tailored to group work or one-to-one, and our Consultants work with you, building an honest and accurate picture of the culture, behaviours, and processes in your organisation. Our consultants are chosen carefully for their industry experience and their appetite for new and innovative approaches.

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Coaching for Women in Leadership

Coaching is one specific development intervention that is proven to help women learn how to navigate their way through this labyrinth, as well as learn how to be more proactive in developing their careers themselves. Working with many women entering leadership positions, the expert coaching team at ASK has created a tailored development programme that pinpoints their key strengths, the context, environment, and climate within which they are working, and how to challenge the stereotypes of what makes a great leader.

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Career Transition Coaching

There can be a lot of pressure on the newly appointed leaders to demonstrate early achievements, to display their strengths, and to outshine the predecessor – with, simultaneously, an air of ‘how things have been done and pressure not to rock the boat or the shadow of the previous leadership team cast over every decision – ASK coaches work with newly appointed leaders to support them through the transition to leadership roles, helping you develop into a well-rounded leader.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

ASK Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the key ‘big changes’ that many organisations seek support for is the process of M&A – a process which we are seeing ever more of. But when up to 80% of M&A deals are failing to deliver the expected returns, how can you buck the trend and ensure that your organisation is successful in such a complex and changeable environment?

Read our white paper to learn more about the complexities of M&A, and how our consultants can support your leaders to steer your ship through the choppy waters of change.

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