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Alex Speed, Managing Director ASK Europe

The culture of any workplace is key to its success – and the way that you are viewed by your clients or customers, as well as others in your industry, is a reflection of your culture.

You can’t make an impression if your team are aiming for different goals, or if you don’t all share the same values. The core of your business is the people within it – so as leaders and managers you should look first to supporting the people you work with, and then work together towards goals that matter to all of you.

 ASK has been focussed on people in business since we were first formed in 1994 – and though the world of L&D has changed in many ways, that focus remains the same. We put a lot of care and thought into our own team so that we can create programmes and interventions which benefit yours.

We are always learning, always growing and always looking for new ways to thrive as a team – and we model the care and growth that we bring to our clients.

Coaching, mentoring, Leadership and Management development programmes; our experts have experience in every area of L&D – and the difference between ASK and other companies is the passion we have for your growth, and the hands-on, personal touch, no matter whether you want a high-level consultant to guide your senior leadership team through complex change, or a half-day course for new recruits.

As MD of ASK every aspect of my work is focussed on the people in my team – and the ways which we can help the people in yours to thrive.

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Attitude, Skills and Knowledge – A S K Europe – launched in Cranfield in 1994.

From day one the focus of ASK was on the growth, development and culture of Leaders and Managers, working with executives and future leaders from both public and private sector clients across the world.

Evolving through the many changes in the industry, and through changing leadership of our own, saw Attitude, Skills and Knowledge rebranded as ASK – and technological advancement enhancing our hands-on approach to enable virtual learning, bringing our programmes to your team in ever more accessible and personalised ways.

Still based in Cranfield, we also have offices in Scotland and Ireland.

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Looking Forward

Leadership is, at its core, about people – guiding people, driving people, supporting people – and we pride ourselves on developing programmes put the needs and ambitions of your people first.

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