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Senior Management Development


The Organisation

Our client is one of the world’s largest independent investment management organisations. With over 5,000 employees in 55 offices worldwide, the company has a significant presence in the institutional and retail markets across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The Project Context

Much of the company’s growth has been achieved through the acquisition of a number of small to medium independent companies. A need was identified to bring the resulting disparate group of companies together into a cohesive whole to create a company with a shared vision, culture and leadership style.

The Requirement

Our client sought to implement a global leadership programme for its senior leaders to establish shared standards and common views on leadership, and to recognise the talent in its senior management cadre.

The programme also needed to help the company retain high achievers and build a talent pool from which its next generation of leaders could be selected.

For its participants, the Management Development Programme needed to:

  • Enhance their awareness of their personal leadership strengths and development needs
  • Develop their understanding of the impact of their leadership style
  • Increase their understanding of other people’s perspectives, expectations and needs
  • Help them to improve the performance of others
  • Identify key personal development goals whose achievement would impact on organisational performance

Our Solution

ASK’s implemented design for the Management Development Programme was a four phase, 30 week behavioural change programme using MBTI®, 360 degree feedback, FIRO-B®, transformational skills development and a rigorous re-entry process using ASK’s ground-breaking ‘follow-through’ technology to improve practice and support transformational change.

  • Phase 1 (Pre-event): participants completed MBTI®, FIRO-B® and 360 degree feedback questionnaires and meet with their line managers to agree development priorities
  • Phase 2 (Workshop): a high impact experiential learning residential workshop, drawing on diagnostic tools previously completed and providing opportunity for facilitated practice of key skills
  • Phase 3 (Re-entry): participants worked through a structured re-entry process supported by our unique ‘follow-through’ tool and on-line coaching
  • Phase 4 (360 degree feedback re-survey):participants re-surveyed their 360 degree feedback process to evaluate the extent of behavioural change.

Evaluation and Results

The programme used our unique ‘follow-through’ technology to monitor progress and measure results. At the end of the programme, participants were asked to rate their change in leadership effectiveness: 91% considered themselves ‘more effective’ and the remaining 9% rated their performance as ‘much more effective’. In terms of business impact, 96% of participants said that – as a result of their efforts following the programme – there had been ‘some’ or ‘significant’ impact on their business.

Six months after the workshop, participants also repeated the initial 360 degree feedback survey and assessed five of the reviewed six leadership capability areas as having improved.

Delegate Quotes

“I felt the various tools providing different perspectives on how I behaved were more interesting than a single approach – it provided a more coherent and rounded view of me.”

“… the programme gave me confidence to take actual action to improve my leadership throughout the daily job. Follow-through was also helpful for me to carry on what I should do consistently.”

“The value of focusing on the people is as important as getting the task at hand completed. Taking more time and using more patience to make others comfortable with decisions has great long term benefits.”

“All of this work is challenging and time consuming but hugely rewarding. I have come to realize that there are many important ways to add value to our organization, not just by completing important project initiatives.”

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