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Mergers and Acquistions

One of the key ‘big changes’ that many organisations seek support for is the process of M&A – a process which we are seeing ever more of. But when up to 80% of M&A deals are failing to deliver the expected returns, how can you buck the trend and ensure that your organisation is successful in such a complex and changeable environment?

The focus of our Mergers and Acquisitions programmes, which tie our bespoke learning to the mentoring of experienced consultants who will guide your leaders throughout the process, is the focus on people.

When planning M&A there is a lot of focus on the complex interaction between culture, technology, structure, processes, policies, incentives and the flow of information which enables the blending of multiple organisations to fall under the changed leadership – and among these, at every stage, the focus on the people can get lost in translation.

But for the M&A process to be successful, you need to bring people along with the changes – it’s vital to meet their needs, allay their fears and anxiety, and maintain motivation throughout the process; we know that no organisation can change until the people do – and our M&A programme is designed for people first.

Read our white paper to learn more about the complexities of M&A, and how our consultants can support your leaders to steer your ship through the choppy waters of change.

M&A is only as good as the organisational change programme that succeeds it – which is why people, not numbers, lie at the heart of success. Read our white paper to understand more.

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