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Executive Coaching


The Organisation

The organisation is an established telecoms business with over 130,000 employees operating in UK, Germany, Ireland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, and operates graduate programmes across these territories along with a Graduate Academy based in Barcelona. The parent group is established in 24 countries.

The Project Context

A range of coaching providers had previously been contracted across the region, with a low level of co-ordination resulting in limited information being available regarding the coaching being provided (eg. types of coaching, goals and alignment with corporate objectives, sessions per assignment, costs) and no clear picture of business impact and personal development outcomes.

The Requirement

To begin to rationalise provision and create an enhanced professional offering, the organisation therefore decided to source an external coaching supplier for 250 Executive Level leaders. ASK developed two optional packages as a framework for Executive Coaching delivery, which including detailed management information and follow-up reporting.

Our Solution - Programme Overview

Two strands of coaching were delivered through the programme:

  • Career coaching, exploring coachees’ personal values and individual development interests and providing opportunities to focus on their own development; this was delivered using a workbook for self-reflective activities, followed by a series of coaching sessions
  • Coaching to support international assignments: graduates within the organisation are given opportunities to work in other countries, and ASK provided coaching sessions to enable them to explore their development aims and goals and maximise the opportunities to realise them in relation to the assignment

The Executive Coaching package includes use of MBTI® and FIRO-B®, alongside the ASK 360 degree feedback instrument, and use of our unique follow-through technology to support coaches in embedding new behaviours in their daily working

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