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Character eats personality for brunch!

The development industry has forever been obsessed by its nomothetic approach to personality development - that is, trying to produce general laws which apply to all people. This ‘scientific’ approach has enabled the growth in popularity of reductive tools, designed to help us understand and ‘get’ other people. At the other side of the scale [...]

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Mentors take you forward

Working with one of our expert Personal Development Mentors means the difference between participating in workplace learning, and really learning new skills. How can one person make the difference to your entire workforce? Providing learning for your employees is vital to be sure that you’re on top of the changes and developments in your industry, [...]

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Why Personal Development Mentors?

Training is an organisation-centric activity that seeks to improve workplace performance by providing standardised learning experiences. Learning, by contrast, is a person-centric experience that is shaped by diverse needs and preferences. This mismatch is responsible for a substantial proportion of the poor typical return on investment in training: individuals learners need help to extract the personalised development that they need from the available standardised learning opportunities. Enter Personal Development Mentors … […]

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