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Recruitment and Selection


Recruiters and anyone who has responsibility for recruiting would benefit from this workshop.


This workshop is designed to provide an introduction to the Recruitment and Selection process. It focuses on the importance of effective recruitment and selection from the legal underpinnings of recruitment and is an interactive day with lots of discussion and case studies.


Having attended this Recruitment and Selection workshop, you will:

  • Have the knowledge and information to recruit successfully
  • Have an outline of the recruitment process and responsibilities
  • Have an awareness of best practise in recruitment, including relevant legislation
  • Know how to create meaningful job descriptions/ adverts
  • Know who to contact if you need more information


This half-day workshop covers a wealth of knowledge to better enable recruiters to perform their role successfully, and to recruit the best people for their teams.

The day will include group work, personal reflection, and one-to-one discussions. The learning is broken down into key topics, with opportunities for discussion, skills practice, and learning points.

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