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Presentation Skills


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers

No matter what stage of your career, presentations are an important part of many organisations and roles, and this course will give you the confidence to plan and complete your presentations professionally.


Presentations are such an important part of many processes–introducing new products to our teams and to customers, sharing information and knowledge, for training, there are many occasions in which a well designed and confident presentation is the difference between a yes and a no, and the engagement and buy-in of our own teams.

Knowing how to turn lacklustre attendance into engaged listening and giving people a takeaway which has an impact will make your presentations more impactful, and help you to be more confident in your skills.


Having attended the programme learners will be able to:

  • Identify the key things you need to do to prepare and deliver an effective presentation
  • Create and use visuals and handouts more effectively
  • Deliver with more confidence
  • Manage the audience more effectively
  • Understand your strengths and key development areas in presenting


This is a one day workshop which covers a wealth of knowledge to better enable leaders and managers to perform their role successfully.

Using a combination of group work, one to one discussion and sharing personal experiences to which this learning could be applied, the knowledge is embedded with activities and practical exercises, and the day ends with a plan for actioning this new learning in the workplace beyond the workshop.

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