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Facilitation Skills


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers

This workshop is designed for anyone who is involved in facilitating groups whether as part of a formal meeting, a training course or general facilitation of groups of individuals in the workplace.


Great facilitation skills are more relevant today than ever before, with more and more people being asked to facilitate groups as part of their day to day job.

Acquiring the skills to facilitate can prove to be a great advantage with today’s employers looking for a much broader skill base. You will be provided with knowledge and skills to enable you to identify effective facilitation, when intervention is required, what tools to use and when to use them.


Having attended this workshop learners will be able to:

  • Explain what facilitation is and in what situations supporting and challenging should be used
  • Identify group dynamics and recognise what intervention is needed depending on the situation and the individuals within the group
  • Put into practice, tools and techniques learnt during the course to enable successful facilitation


A one day workshop which covers a basic understanding of facilitation skills and where and when to apply the skills learned.

A blended approach of group activities and personal reflection, with opportunities to share relevant experience to embed learning, the day ends with creating plans for how each learner can apply the learning to their own role beyond the workshop in a practical way.

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