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Emotional Intelligence


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers

Emotional Intelligence – or EQ – is an important part of leadership and management, and in guiding and supporting teams.


This workshop is designed to provide a broad introduction to the basics of Emotional Intelligence.

This will help participants understand what emotional intelligence is and how to develop it in themselves and apply what they learn to their role beyond the workshop, better guiding and supporting the needs of their team and their own wellbeing in the workplace.

It is a highly experiential and involving day, and will give attendees a better understanding of their personality types, and how to communicate more effectively with their team without conflict or misunderstandings.


Having attended the programme learners will be able to:

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and why it is important in the workplace
  • Develop self-awareness and strategies to manage your own emotions
  • Develop social awareness and strategies to manage relationships


This is a one day workshop which covers a lot of information and experiential activities.

Combining group work, personal reflection and discussions of personal experiences which show both good and bad examples of EQ, the information covers a lot of important information, and the day ends with plans and tools to apply the learning beyond the workshop.

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