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Delegation Skills


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers

Anyone who feels that their time could be better utilised but finds themselves caught up in the minutiae of tasks which others ought to be doing. If you find that you struggle to step back and give your team autonomy, or are often distracted by their questions, this workshop will give you the tools to step back and ensure your team complete those tasks without your close supervision.


Delegating work to others should not be seen as an indication of your inability to cope or an abdication of control: it should be seen as an exercise in trust and leadership capability.

As well as relieving time pressures on managers and leaders, delegation is a great way to stretch staff and expand their comfort zones. The purpose of this workshop is to help you understand how to delegate more effectively.

We will  look at essential activities and a key technique that can help improve your confidence and commitment to delegating workloads.


Having attended this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Articulate what effective delegation is and what should and should not be delegated
  • Identify the blockers to delegating and how to overcome these
  • Understand the 7 essential steps needed to effectively delegate
  • Identify the right person to delegate to


A half day workshop designed to teach the different skills and approaches to delegation in organisations of any size; delegating can be a difficult technique to master when taking the mantle of leadership, and this workshop will give you the confidence and tools to master the art.

A blend of group work and personal reflection, with personal examples discussed to apply the techniques and embed the learning, the day ends with plans for how to continue learning and applying what has been learned into your role.

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