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Conflict Resolution Skills


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers

An important tool in any level of leadership, those who are able to resolve conflict are strong and inspirational leaders. For anyone in a leadership position this course gives you the vital tools needed to assess conflict situations and negotiate an end result which satisfies everyone without escalating a negative situation.


Conflict is an intrinsic and inevitable part of our status as human beings. We will all encounter it in some form or other in both our personal and private life. When we are confronted by it there are usually two typical responses; we either tackle it head on, or we avoid it completely. Both methods ultimately result in difficult times that can be painful, costly and uncomfortable where the outcome usually presents a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’.

There is another way to approach these conflicts; a way in which we can reach a win/win and collaborate on a successful conclusion for both people.

This session will focus on bringing an end to your conflict situations quickly, cost-effectively and with as little discomfort as possible.


Having attended this workshop learners will be able to:

  • Define conflict and how to identify it
  • Explain positions and interests and why conflict is so hard to resolve
  • Identify the stages of conflict and the five methods of dealing with it
  • Follow set approaches to handling conflict


This is a one day workshop designed to introduce the essence of conflict, giving learners the opportunity to discuss their own experiences of workplace conflict, and learn the tools to  better face and react to those situations, and to guide their teams through that resolution process.

This also involves focus on adapting your approach to suit the scenario and the type of person, and their personal response to conflict, with the basic tools you learn. There will be a combination of group work, one-to-one discussion and personal reflection, with examples and tools to embed the learning and apply it to plans for your own future workplace scenario.

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