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Coaching & Mentoring


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers.

This course is specifically tailored to those who feel their teams would benefit from guidance and coaching from more experienced members of the team; mentoring can be rewarding and challenging, and this introductory course can help anyone in a position of experience or leadership to better guide their teams.


This workshop is designed to provide a broad introduction to the basics of Coaching and Mentoring. It will help participants gain a better understanding of how to develop people’s confidence and skills.

Using these approaches will help learners to understand the different ways people respond to information and use this understanding, along with insights on sources of power and influencing styles, to become more effective influencers.


Having attended the programme learners will be able to:

  • Identify the difference between coaching and mentoring and know when to use each
  • Build better coaching and mentoring relationships with staff
  • Listen and question more effectively
  • Give developmental feedback
  • Develop and support individuals and teams in a timely and effective manner
  • Understand their own strengths as a coach and mentor and areas for development


This is a one day workshop which breaks down and covers all of the key aspects of coaching and mentoring, looking at the individual ways in which you and your team learn.

The day will include group work, personal reflection and one-to-one discussions. The learning is broken down into key topics, with opportunities for discussion, skills practice and learning points.

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