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Change Management


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers.

This course is for managers and team leaders who want a better understanding of effective change management in their organisation. If you are in an organisation or industry which is facing significant or complex change, this course will help you and your team to understand, process and navigate through the unique challenges which change brings.


In any industry change is inevitable; significant change, however, is a daunting challenge and – whether this change is coming from within, or is thrust upon you by unforeseen circumstances – it’s important to manage the needs and expectations of the workforce, and navigate a path through the process in a way which protects the wellbeing of the workforce and the productivity of the organisation to ensure the survival of the company.

If you want your organisation to successfully navigate change it’s important to understand how to lead that process effectively; this course gives you the tools you need to do so.


Having attended this Change Management workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand why change often fails
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Work with human reactions to change
  • Support people through change


This is a one day workshop; the structure of the day covers all the key aspects of how to support members of your team and their productivity through the change process, and setting objectives for ongoing development.

The day will include group work, personal reflection and one-to-one discussions. The learning is broken down into key topics, with opportunities for discussion, skills practice and learning points.

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