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Building Resilience


Line managers, leaders, managers and all those looking to progress into management.

Though this course is designed for leaders and managers who will utilise the skills and practices learned in the workshop to support their teams, the learning would benefit anyone who plans to progress into leadership or management, or who wants to more effectively work within a team in a high-pressure environment without sacrificing their own wellbeing.


Resilience is now recognised as a very important competence to demonstrate in the workplace. In the increasingly complex context of today’s working environment, the resilience of individuals, and organisations, becomes critical for business success.

This workshop will provide guidance on how to become more resilient when faced with the pressures of the modern workplace. It will enable you to understand how to act in order to achieve greater work effectiveness and productivity, whilst putting you in control of your own wellbeing and making you more able to overcome stressful work situations.


Having attended this building resilience workshop learners will be able to:

  • Define resilience and explain its importance
  • Differentiate between positive and negative thinking
  • Challenge the way you think
  • Use tools that help you build resilience
  • Develop key Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Help others to build resilience


This is a one day workshop; the structure of the day covers all the key aspects of how to effectively understand and respond to positive and negative thoughts, process challenging work situations, and set objectives for ongoing development.

The day will include group work, personal reflection and one-to-one discussions. The learning is broken down into key topics, with opportunities for discussion, skills practice and learning points.

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