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Appraisal Skills


Line managers, team leaders, senior managers

This is a workshop for those who want a better grasp of the basic skills managers need, who may have little experience of performing appraisals which have a measurable and ongoing impact on the growth and development of the employee.

If you are new to management, looking to climb the ladder to a more senior position, or are simply looking for a refresher for areas of the job you feel you could be doing better, this course is for you.


Appraisals are a vital part of business, assessing the current performance of each member of the team and working with them to create a development plan which builds on their experience and knowledge, supports their development and growth and any learning and coaching they may need to undertake, and acknowledging their strengths whilst putting steps in place to improve their weaknesses.

We all know that appraisals are part of our job – but for too many organisations it has become nothing more than a box ticking exercise; a few days of the manager’s working life which have to be done, and everyone rolls their eyes, goes through the motions and gets back to business as usual without actioning any changes or gaining any benefit from the process.


Attendees to the Appraisal Skills course will come away able to:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of an appraisal
  • Have more effective and productive appraisal meetings
  • Give more useful and accurate feedback


This is a one-day workshop; the structure of the day covers all the key aspects of how to effectively complete appraisals and setting objectives for ongoing development.

The day will include group work, personal reflection and one-to-one discussions. The learning is broken down into key topics, with opportunities for discussion, skills practice and learning points, and is structured as below.

The introduction covers what we intent to learn in the workshop and gives attendees an opportunity to discuss any personal goals, experience and expectations they have.

Each topic is covered, discussed as a group, and then attendees focus on their own learning before returning to group discussions to cement the learning.

The day ends with a review of what has been learned and attendees put a plan of action into place for applying their new skills to their own role and their appraisal process.

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