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Culture Change

NHS Trust

The Organisation

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust (LGT) employs over 7,500 people, with 6,000 of those being in leadership, management or roles that have supervisory requirements.

The Requirement

The Trust sought a single partner to undertake the following:

  • Design and delivery of Mandatory leadership and management programme
    • the development of behavioural standards and an associated assessment process
  • Design and delivery of LGT Values Module
    • this is aimed at all staff and seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the trust values and associated expected behaviours.

In addition, the Trust sought a partner who will provide feedback and expert advice and guidance on their proposed course of action.

Our Solution

To embed the Trust’s new Values, we first needed to understand to what extent the Leadership and wider organisation understood them, and what behaviours they expect to see linked to their core Values.

We implemented a 3-stage plan of Discovery, Consultation, and Delivery.

During the Discovery phase we researched how well the Trust’s Values were understood. We advised this needed to be done long before we could look at a final programme design as the outcomes would inform where we need to begin focussing efforts.

Discovery consisted of, but was not limited to:

  • Interviews with the Senior Executive Team
  • Workplace roadshows and pop-up experiences
  • Marketing campaigns for feedback
  • An organisation wide survey

It soon became apparent the Trust had not embedded their Values well, and few across the organisation understood them or how to model the required behaviours.

During the Consultation phase, we worked with the L&D team to design a Values Based Leadership Workshop which all leaders and managers would be required to attend.  The aim of the workshop was to embed the Trust Values, create a set of Behaviours all could understand and agree to, and create a culture of Trust by encouraging giving and receiving of feedback and raising levels of confidence amongst staff to speak up when observing poor behaviour.

The resulting programme is a highly experiential workshop where we use actors to how good and bad behaviours being enacted. The programme is heavily supported by digital and online elements hosted on our LMS that include a personalised self-assessment survey, e-learning modules, videos and facilitator-supported communities.

Evaluation and Results

The Trust has seen a dramatic improvement in employee engagement. Programme evaluation has seen employee confidence increase and staff report overwhelmingly they not only understand the behaviours required in the workplace, but they feel more confident about speaking up and giving feedback.  The comprehensive evaluation of the extent of behavioural change amongst leaders is currently ongoing, but all evidence suggests a highly successful intervention.

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