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Emerging Leaders


The Organisation

Our client develops and manufactures lubricant and fuel additives for automotive, heavy-duty diesel and marine engines and refineries. A UK-based global company formed in 1999, it employs approximately 1,700 colleagues worldwide with regional centres in the USA and Singapore.

The Project Context

The company recognised that its business could only be as successful as the people who drive it: they needed leaders who could inspire, motivate and support their colleagues to unlock their true potential. They developed a Leadership Development Framework, including a Leadership Attribute Model that defined five key capabilities and behaviours of Leaders of Others, Leaders of Leaders and Organisational Leaders:

  • Sets clear direction and priorities
  • Gets the best out of people
  • Leads innovation and change
  • Gets results
  • Makes a personal difference

The Requirement

We were retained to design and deliver two bespoke leadership programmes aimed at aligning and increasing line managers’ skills in relation to these attributes at the targeted levels of Leading Others and Leading Leaders. Courses were to be run in three regional locations (the UK, Singapore and the US) for highly educated participants who were either new to leadership roles or with 18 months’ or more experience. To increase delegate buy-in, the content needed to be visibly aligned to the company’s context, culture and processes, and a very strong practical/experiential element was required to give opportunities to practise new leadership skills.

Our Solution

Drawing on initial research, including 1:1 interviews with in-scope leaders, we designed a 12 week, three phase development programme that supported participants as they contemplated, prepared for and acted on their behaviour change priorities:

  • Phase One: Pre-programme preparation including guided self-reflection, an online MBTI® diagnostic questionnaire and line manager discussion
  • Phase Two: two development workshops separated by four to six weeks of action and application
  • Phase Three: follow-through activity, including online support and development and objective setting discussions with Line Managers.

Evaluation and Results

12 weeks after the second development workshop, 100% of participants rated themselves as more effective as a result of the programme, 56% felt there had been significant business impact as a result of the programme, and the remaining 44% felt there had been some.

Delegate Quotes

“Raising the consciousness of how my actions and style of management can have such a dramatic impact on others’ level of contribution and personal motivation.”

“I found the programme very well structured […] ‘homework’ before and after each session, that sort of ‘forced’ us to at least try and progress during normal working life the improvement actions we had set for ourselves (while the risk, with normal training courses, is to immediately put aside everything when you are back to office). I also appreciated very much the fact that the programme was tailored for us, therefore with a strong link with our leadership attributes and with creation of a network of good relationships between colleagues of different sites and functions that I hope will stay for long.”

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