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Transition Coaching

Progression to a leadership position brings a wealth of unique challenges – and ASK coaches work with newly appointed leaders to support them in:

  • Prioritising and accelerating their learning – and unlearning
  • Clarifying personal strategies and its alignment to new demands
  • Building the working relationships and coalitions that will drive success
  • Identifying their personal impact and changes in actions and behaviours that may be required
  • Maintaining work-life balance to optimise effectiveness and energy

Even reading that list can be daunting if you’re preparing to step up to a leadership role – and we are very aware that the first ninety days are critical to the success of both the individual and the organisation when a leadership position is filled.

Transition coaching

There can be a lot of pressure on the newly appointed leader to demonstrate early achievements, to display their strengths and to outshine the predecessor – with, simultaneously, an air of ‘how things have been done’ and pressure not to rock the boat, or the shadow of the previous leadership team cast over every decision.

Our transition coaching programme means that our experienced, expert coaches will work alongside newly appointed leaders, supporting their development and acting as a sounding board to build confidence and ability in the role. New leaders need to display their strengths, not least in building social capital and credibility, but are under a spotlight which can highlight potential weaknesses at a vulnerable time – and the support of our coaches means that leaders are never left alone during this daunting process, and can showcase the strengths and knowledge that earned them the role.

What our clients say

I was pleased to hear at the interview that the winning candidate openly referenced his Executive Coaching experience as having made the difference. Praise indeed.
Rob Cunningham, Air Commodore, RAF

Career Transition Coaching

There are many challenges being faced in industries throughout the UK as recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic shapes our economy and the employment and roles of so many. With furloughed staff, reduced income, financial pressures and necessary changes to the way that so many of us work, the impact on your team is immense, and this is a time of significant transition.

Whether that transition is into a new way of working, to a new role, or transitioning to reshaped teams with some members furloughed and others sadly facing redundancy, morale and ambition are also being impacted – and strong leadership teams need to work on helping their whole team through these challenges.

Career coaching is not only useful when you are looking to advance, but as a tool to aid these changes and work transitions. Our expert coaches provide guidance and advice for the challenges your career faces.

Career Transition Coaching

This is a time of significant transition. Whether into new ways of working, to a new role, or transitioning to reshaped teams – our expert coaches can guide you through the challenges.

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