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Training Workshops

All workshops are available as face-to-face or virtual sessions

Training workshops - for all your learning and development requirements

Learning and development is a key factor in your team’s growth. No longer can people sit back and let their tenure with the organisation provide them with promotional opportunities, or a free ride. You want to see drive, determination, and a desire from them to progress. At ASK we offer a number of face-to-face and virtual training workshops to help your teams realise their learning and development goals, giving them the chance to thrive and help your organisation to stand the test of time.

Appraisal Skills

Learn, discuss and practice the skills and techniques which – when used together – form a process to review and appraise performance to provide motivation and development for all involved.


Practical learning for overcoming lack of confidence and effectively communicating needs, and firmly expressing them without discomfort.

Building Resilience

Practical learning for developing resilience and problem solving in difficult and challenging working situations.

Bullying & Harassment

Develop a better understanding of the effects of bullying & harassment in the workplace and how to address the issues head-on.

Change Management

Helping people to face the complexities and anxieties that change brings, and successfully implement change processes.

Coaching & Mentoring

An introductory overview of coaching and mentoring skills which enable you to better influence your team.

Communication Skills

Develop a better understanding of communication, and how to communicate in an effective and impactful way.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Gain the tools to better manage and navigate challenging situations and bring an end to conflict quickly, and with limited discomfort for all involved.

Creative Problem Solving

A range of approaches to problem-solving and adapting your approach to suit the situation and the needs of the individuals involved.

Decision Making

Gain the personal tools which help you to priorities, formalise and structure your approach to decisions of any scale.

Delegation Skills

Learn the important skill of delegating tasks to those best suited; a powerful leadership tool for the distribution of any workload.

Difficult Conversations

Learn how to navigate the challenging and often painful process of difficult conversations, without conflict.

Effective Meetings

Learn the skills to facilitate effective meetings by inviting the right people, sharing the agenda, and ensuring that everyone has a voice.

Emotional Intelligence

A broad introduction to the importance of Emotional Intelligence, and how to better communicate and connect with a team.

Facilitation Skills

Learn how to facilitate groups in the workplace, for meetings, training or general group activities.

Influencing & Negotiation Skills

Improve your own performance and that of your team, enabling greater growth and more effective processes.

Is Management for You?

Gain a better understanding of what management entails and the skills which will make you a better leader.

Management & Leadership Skills

A brief introduction to basic leadership skills for those interested in developing their career and progressing to a Leadership or Management role.

Managing From a Distance

Managing remote teams requires different skills to in-house personnel; learn how to effectively manage your remote workers.

Managing Meetings

Learn how to lead successful meetings. Make sure you are efficient with both your own and your colleagues’ time.

Motivational Skills

An introduction to various theories and approaches to motivation.

Performance Management

Learn how to manage performance – and underperformance – in your team in a structured and effective way.

Personal Impact

Understand how you impact on others in the workplace.

Presentation Skills

This workshop is designed to build confidence and skills in making presentations in the workplace.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting the right people for a role and your organisation is imperative. Learn what you can do to make this process more efficient.

Setting SMART Objectives

SMART objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Defining these parameters as they pertain to your goal helps ensure that your objectives are attainable within a certain time frame.

Stress Awareness

Identify the causes and effects of stress and develop skills to manage stress in your own life, not just in the workplace.

Time Management

Manage your time and prioritise your workload more effectively.

Train the Trainer

An introduction into designing and delivering training courses.
Making a difference
ASK's involvement with our graduates makes a difference. The sessions delivered by ASK always get the most positive feedback. There is a positive perception of the calibre of graduates at Mace within the business. This is influenced by what they learn from ASK’s sessions.
Michael Nathan, Emerging Talent Lead, Mace Group
Met v2
Culture Change Programme
We have a functioning and much more engaged leadership cadre, who want to be involved. It now feels more energetic and exciting. There is less discussion on why change is needed, with energy focused on the what and the how.
Robin Wilkinson, Director of People and Change, Metropolitan Police Service
Promotion secured!
I was pleased to hear at the interview that the winning candidate openly referenced his Executive Coaching experience as having made the difference. Praise indeed.
Rob Cunningham, Air Commodore, RAF
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