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When we launched our brand in 1994, thrilled to be bringing our dream to life and proud that we were going to make a difference, A.S.K. stood for Attitude, Skills and Knowledge; these were the key values we brought to our clients, so it made sense to name our company for those values.  

Through reincarnation and changes of leadership, those values and commitments remain at the forefront of what we achieve with every project we manage, and the standard of work and support we bring to every client and partner. 

We take pride in the ongoing success of our development programmes, in helping organisations to support their managers, to convert experts into successful leaders, to drive the future of their company and to embody the traits that make for inspirational, positive influencers. 

We use our development programmes to build skills and to help people to recognise their own innate behaviours and responses, to promote the right kind of attitude to proactively and positively drive the kind of culture a company needs to grow, and to nurture the unique skills and experiences brought together in every multi-faceted workforce.  

Over time Attitude, Skills and Knowledge was abbreviated to A.S.K. Europe – and we found ourselves, in recent years, explaining what those letters stood for, until we reached a point that we realised that ASK said everything we needed it to, without any need to expand.  

We know that our clients aren’t looking for off-the-shelf L&D that does nothing more than tick the boxes of having gone through the motions, before everyone returns to business as usual; real change is dependent on far more than capital investment or access to the newest technology. Real change happens when you connect with, inspire and develop the people in your organisation. When you understand what matters to them – what values they live by – and embed those values in their workplace, creating an environment and culture in which people can thrive. 

Healthy workplace relationships and relevant, honest and timely conversations are the most sustainable way to liberate new thinking and unlock potential, and we have been working with clients in the public and private sectors for over two decades to achieve these goals. 

It’s with those commitments to growth, success and a bigger, more successful future that we evolve once again – further contracting the initial ideas of Attitude, Skills and Knowledge, and confident that we embody the values we set out with. This evolution means that A.S.K. Europe will now be known simply as ASK.  

We have the answers to how you can make your workforce better, and your team can be the best versions of themselves. We can help you to achieve your goals. All you need to do is ASK.