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What makes ASK better than other L&D providers?

What sets ASK Europe aside?

There is a huge industry of L&D providers in the UK; some huge brands, with offices nationwide, some sole traders offering coaching and mentoring, and everything in between.

So, with such a flooded market, and many appearing like photocopies of their competitors, all offering the same off-the-shelf solutions, coaching programmes, learning courses, leadership workshops, 360 assessments and MBTI types which will help your organisation’s leaders to be their very best self at work, how are you supposed to choose the right one for you?

What sets ASK Europe aside is our ethos that “every learner matters” – and we seek to build lasting relationships with everyone our learning impacts – from the most senior members of your leadership team right through to the newest, least experienced member of staff.

Learning is not a one-size-fits-all commodity – and we know that, if you want true and lasting impact from your investment, the learning does not begin and end in the classroom. If you return to work immediately after a learning programme your intentions are good – but behaviours, patterns and your organisation’s culture will slide back to how things have always been if your learning hasn’t been transferred.

If the new mindset is not embedded into your organisation, there are no measurable or lasting changes. The belief that workplace learning is nothing more than a box ticking exercise is confirmed – meaning you are less open to future learning opportunities, dubious of the results being promised by new practitioners, and any issues you had before will remain.

As we’ve been working in the industry for over 25 years, we understand what it is that our clients need – and the difference between that and what they think they need. This is all captured by our Engage, Learn, Transfer methodology

The Methodology

Engage: we take the time to fully understand the needs and workplace improvements you expect. We don’t begin designing your programme until we fully understand what’s needed and how we will measure the impact on your team. We engage with your learners to spark their curiosity, and prepare them to learn; excited and curious learners are far more open to development.

Learn: we tailor a programme to your specific needs, with a blended and experiential range of methods and with high quality and engaging learning materials designed with you in mind. Every aspect of your learning matters, and our goal is to guide you to success.

Transfer: the most important part. This is the aspect of workplace learning which is, all too often, skipped. It’s essential to us that we work with you beyond the classroom experience, to embed new skills and knowledge which will lead to lasting behavioural change and workplace improvement. We utilise a range of tools to fully support the transition of learning back to the workplace, with measurable and evidenced change.

Evaluating success

The final stage of our learning programme is the evaluation: we refer back to the goals we set together at the beginning of the process, discuss the metrics we set out and highlight the changes and improvements in your work environment, evaluating the impact of the learning, and showcasing the effectiveness of what we have achieved together.

Evolution takes time – but change is possible, impactful and successful, no matter how complex or challenging the organisational or industry environment may be – and it’s a path that we walk with you, as part of your team.

With experience supporting companies of every scale in both the public and private sectors we have a multi-faceted history, which allows us to tailor our own offerings to meet the needs we identify within your workforce, and to support development in your workforce which will lead you towards your goals and targets in a holistic and strategic way.

We don’t just provide a service – we provide change.

If you want more than off-the-shelf learning, and you want to experience the benefits of true growth and change, we can help you to identify the main concerns within your existing culture and navigate through the process of growth and lasting change, improving the experience and productivity of your entire organisation with better, happier leaders and managers.

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