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Whatever your industry, learning and development are part of the process, and every employee goes through a course training at some point which is intended to progress their career. For many, though, these training courses are a box to be ticked, and little thought goes into applying that knowledge beyond the day of the course. How can you prove the worth of new learning, and get the most from it?

The psychology of learning means that many of us have unrealistic ideas of what we can take from a learning programme, thinking that everyone who works in the team will become someone else entirely, and be the perfect superworker who never makes a mistake, never shows any flaws, and launches the organisation into the stratosphere – which is very unrealistic, and once those dreams don’t materialise, these dreamers quickly slide back into the way they’ve always done things, no matter how good a training course has been, because they aren’t sure how to apply this new information. On the opposite end of the scale, there are those who are convinced that their current methods are already the ‘right way’, or are so used to the way things have always been done that they see no reason to change, or are anxious about any change showing their own shortcomings that they can’t apply this information effectively, so are actively resistant to change.

How can you counter the double-barrelled attack on new learning with a workforce who are either reluctant to learn, or reluctant to apply this new learning beyond the day of the training course?

You have to make a multi-pronged approach to the learning, and tailor what you’re teaching to the people it’s for – and, handily, that’s what we do best.

360-degree feedback

Our 360 feedback means that every learner provides an overview of who they are, and what they think they need to learn – and the same information is given by their superiors and by their peers in the workplace.

This information provides a full and rounded description of exactly who each learner we work with really is, an in depth psychological profile, and this provides us with the tools to accurately understand what needs they have, what learning will best benefit their development, and what we can do to provide that.

Tailored Learning Programmes

That information is used to create specific learning programmes, designed to be presented and processed by each learner in the ways that best benefit them – courses not only designed to give the information and knowledge that each learner needs, but to work them through the process of that learning in the way they best learn – whether that’s one-to-one learning, digital learning or traditional classroom situations. We work together with you and meet your needs.

Part of this process is using the detailed profiles of each learner from the first stage of the design process, and discussing their specific needs, in order to tailor the programme to meet those requirements. This means that each learner’s expectations for the programme are managed and met at every stage – meaning that those who have previously entered into training programmes anticipating some kind of transformation of the entire workforce into entirely different people are more able to see the individual strengths of the whole team, and understand how to bring them together to create a more effective whole, rather than writing them off because of their own unmet expectations.

Follow up

The learning doesn’t end when the training session does; our learning programmes include ongoing follow up, applying new learning to the workplace beyond the training session, regular interactions between learners and trainers, and embedding the learning with hands-on, practical application of new methodology in the workplace.

This follow up means that those who see training sessions as a box-ticking exercise have to challenge their reluctance, and they are supported in the process of applying their new knowledge, and understanding the benefits of what they’ve learned.


The final blockage to the entire learning and development industry is proving the effectiveness of a programme once the training sessions are over and everyone returns to their usual roles. Once everyone is back in the office, getting on with business as usual, is there really any difference, and was it worth spending all that money on the training?

We know that this is an area that people need more support – so we have developed an accurate metric that measures and tracks the effectiveness of our learning programmes – and with this information, we can prove that what we have taught to you and your team has made a difference to the way you think, work and manage your workforce – and we can prove that this learning won’t just fade away when the novelty wears off, but will remain in place, making long-lasting improvements to your processes, and to your organisation as a whole.

Developing leadership skills

We care about helping people to improve the way they work. Because of that, we design learning programmes that meet your individual needs – and we prove that what we have taught has made an impact on the way you work.

Call us today on 01234 757575 or download our brochure to see the full range of programmes we offer, and let’s arrange a day to meet and discuss what we can do to help you.

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