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Unlocking Your Potential – the ASK Podcast

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If you missed our LinkedIN posts announcing our exciting news, we want to share our first Podcast with you.

We recently welcomed Laura Kean, a long-time (and much loved) associate with ASK, to her new role as Principal Consultant, and she is heading up the development and evolution of our Leadership Development programmes; as well as that important work, she is the voice of the Podcast, and will be sharing her expertise, experience and vast knowledge in the fortnightly episodes.

Laura Kean Leadership Development Consultant
Martin Theobald Account Manager ASK

The first guest on the Podcast is our own Martin Theobald, who many of our clients are already familiar with; he’s our Account Manager, and is one of the first people you’ll call if you have any questions about ASK programmes, and he’s heading up our business development and marketing; since he started at ASK he has grown into a much bigger role, and seems to have untapped talent and capacity to learn.

Over the coming weeks we have a lot of exciting plans; we have guests lined up to speak about their special area of expertise, insight and learning from our own in-house experts, hot-topics in the news that impact Leaders and Managers in every industry, and the unique challenges being faced in the UK right now.

In this first, introductory episode of the Podcast, one of the things Laura and Martin discuss is the fact that ASK live and breathe the values that shape how we do business. We don’t just churn out off-the-shelf training for businesses, we shape real, impactful change programmes that will genuinely improve the way you work, the way you communicate, the wellbeing and progress of your employees, and the way you do business.

To do this well we absolutely have to do the same within our own team – and ASK is a very progressive, passionate and forward-looking place to work; we spent a lot of time pinning down our own values -what matters to us, why do we do what we do, how do we want it to look, feel and be experienced by those inside our own walls, by the associates who facilitate our programmes, and by the people we do it all for – i.e., you!

Those values were never just a corporate exercise: they truly matter to us.

Respect – for each other, for the work we do, for the programmes we design, and for the clients and individuals we work with.

Integrity: we take pride in what we are offering, and the honesty, professionalism and courage we bring to your programme: we believe in what we do, and we know it works – it’s not just lip service or money making.

Fun. Absolutely vital to our entire culture: the office is a vibrant, busy space, and full of people who genuinely care about one another. We have fun in the work we do, we have fun outside of work together, because we’re genuinely friends, we celebrate every success together, and we support each other every day. The whole team is made up of people who genuinely love Learning and Development – who believe in the impact we have, the change we can bring to your teams, and the shared passion we have for our work comes through in the programmes we run.

Attitude: we proudly take the initiative, evolve, grow, learn and develop, every single day, within our own team – and because of this, we face challenges head on, overcome them together, and can bring that same proactive and positive environment to every client we do it for.

Quality. Every single piece of work we complete is done to the highest possible standard; our materials are not just designed by the very best, most experienced and expert Consultants and Psychologists – they are also beautiful, engaging, colourful and dynamic. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, because you matter to us, and we want to demonstrate that in every single thing we do.  You can find a more in-depth discussion about our values, and why we share them so passionately in the About Us section of this website.

All of this – and all the reasons why we do what we do, why it matters, and why we love our work so much – is discussed in this first episode of the ASK Europe Podcast, and we’d love you to give it a listen: you can find us on all the major Podcasting platforms via the buttons below – give us a follow so we can let you know as soon as the second episode is live, and please do leave us a review and let us know what you thought, and what you’d like to hear more of in future episodes.

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