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The Evolution of Leadership and Learning

A new way to learn

Buried in the back of a cupboard in offices across the country there are books and folders with training and instruction for how to run a business – including tips for managing people, running teams and delegating tasks.

There are certainly some nuggets of useful information hidden among those many, many pages – but an awful lot of it is terribly outdated, and still being actioned in many companies who are struggling to keep up with the changes in how businesses work, and how people learn.

Think back to your days in school. Depending how far back those memories are, the methods your teachers used to educate you could summon a wide range of images.

Were you seated in rows, a menacing figure leading you in recitation of times tables, a stern look in his eye and a cane laid at his side? We aren’t likely to see that in a classroom again! Is it a little less stern, but equally formal, the teacher maintaining silence whilst the class sit in neat rows copying lines?

Perhaps your schooling was more recent – and far more informal; chatting in groups with friends, discussing the topics being taught and supporting each other’s learning?

It could even be that your learning never took place in a classroom – and that you accessed your learning digitally, logging in from different locations to fit learning around your schedule?

Leadership has evolved

Just these few examples show that learning – and how we access learning – changed significantly over the last few decades. So the way learning is presented has had to change, to suit the needs of an adaptive society.

Leadership has had to do the same; think of that classroom environment and shift it to a workplace; gone are the days of stern, besuited Managers glaring from their corner office, intimidating their workforce into performing under pressure. No longer do employees sit in silent rows, carrying out their tasks and compiling their reports with little discussion or interaction.

Workplaces are open, flexible, bright and warm – we have learned that happy workers perform better, and created cultures in which their wellbeing takes precedence. Around that, we have developed leadership models which concentrate more on support than dominance, on developing the workforce more than on pushing them.

Society has evolved – and in the three decades since ASK was founded we have always been sure to focus on that evolution, on the developments and changes in how people communicate, access information, learn and function, individually and within a team.

We have used that evolution to inspire our growth, our development, to shape the learning programmes and training that we design, and the way that we present that learning to our partners and clients. We blend a variety of approaches – digital, experiential, one-to-one and group presentations, and we tailor the learning for each client to ensure that it meets their specific needs, and is presented in a way which best supports how you best learn.

What makes ASK better than other L&D providers?

Your development matters to us – and your success is our goal. Let’s learn together – and let our experience of leadership development bring the best from your people. Want to know more?

Just ASK…

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