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The benefits of virtual training with expertise from ASK

Meeting the needs of our clients

With over 25 years of experience in the L&D industry the ASK team are used to adapting our learning programmes to meet new needs, embrace new technologies and advances in psychology and development, and to model the ever evolving frameworks of employment and leadership in a fast moving world.

The pressure of lockdown, and the global pandemic impacting the way we work, the way we communicate and, as a result, the way we need to present our learning programmes to support the ongoing development of our clients, have meant we needed to adapt quickly – and we are proud that we have been able to do so.

In the weeks before the UK lockdown was announced we monitored what our clients and partners overseas were doing – and began to prepare in advance for the possibility of the virus reaching the UK and impacting business for clients here.

We worked hard to adapt our programmes for presenting virtually, as an alternative to the in-person group work many clients are accustomed to, and to ensure that all of the supporting materials necessary could be accessed virtually and digitally.

All of our programmes can now be delivered virtually; we have adapted the way we work to meet your needs this meant that, as soon as the lockdown was announced, we were ready to offer these virtual and digital programmes as a way to continue learning and development within your organisation, with ongoing, hands-on support from us.

These adaptions have allowed members of your team who are working from home or furloughed to continue accessing the learning programmes which were planned for their ongoing growth and professional development. It also means that, during this time when ‘business as usual’ is quiet for a great many industries, your people are able to look to their future, and enhance the next stage of their career – and, as a result, your organisation – by learning new skills and developing their innate leadership and management qualities.

Your goals matter to us just as much as they matter to you - and they shape the way we work

Virtual learning is just as impactful and successful as our face to face offerings; speak to our team today to learn how your planned programme can be adapted to suit your current needs.

Leadership and management are already complex dynamics, which require ongoing development and growth in order to adapt to ever changing working environments and industries. In a time when your workforce are widely spread, anxious and alert, when the pressures of the political and economic environment are impacting your work so significantly, and the workforce are trying to maintain some normal routines alongside home schooling their families, caring for vulnerable loved ones or simply getting through the day, the pressures on leaders and managers are greater than ever.

We know that this crisis is unprecedented – we know that there was no way any of us could have had ready experience of a situation like this to fall back on – and that many leaders and managers are facing challenges they’ve never before needed to consider.

Adapting for a new future

The ASK leadership team are incredibly proud of the way our own team, the people who create, design and adapt our programmes, support the delivery of those programmes, and engage with our learners and partners, have pulled together and adapted the way that we work,  in order to better support you through this period.

Whether you were planning a single, half day training programme, or a significant leadership development system for your global workforce, we can offer the same standard of guidance, support and training virtually, with digital resources, as we have always offered with our in-person programmes. The adaptions we have made to move these resources into virtual and digital formats have proven very successful, already running consistently with some of our long-standing clients, who have praised the effective and professional standard of the programmes and the speed with which we were able to make the changes necessary to ensure they could continue to schedule. Many are so impressed with the standard that, when the world returns to office-based working, they intend to continue their programmes via virtual delivery, allowing their workforce to access their learning in a range of environments.

Beyond this pandemic, we will continue to run these virtual programmes alongside our face to face offerings; the benefits of virtual training include more freedom to book convenient times and dates, without the limitations of booking room space, running multiple, simultaneous programmes without limitations on physical available space, and allowing your team to train from any location without the need to pay for travel, transport or accommodation for team members who aren’t based locally to your head office.

The virtual programmes benefit from the same personal support as the face to face sessions, and are led by the same associates you may already know from previous programmes. The ASK team of admin and back office support are still the same, so your usual contacts for administrative or technical supports remain consistent, and your account manager is still leading the development and design of your learning programmes. You get every professional benefit you could already expect from the ASK team, with added convenience and access.

If you have put L&D on hold because of the Covid-19 pandemic why not consider planning for the continued growth and development of your workforce, and invest in some training and development programmes from the experts; if you want more information on the programmes available, just ASK.

Make good use of the time you have – and contact us today on 01234 757575 or hello@askeurope.com to find out more about virtual learning and development, and how we can help you to steer your workforce through the coming challenges.

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