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Have you reached a professional plateau?

Careers aren't always linear

As young, inexperienced dreamers entering the big wide world of employment, we all entertained grand ideas, passions, and fantasies of enormous success, fame or acclaim. We have finished our schooling, perhaps further education, we’ve answered all the ‘what career to follow’ questionnaires and picked a direction, setting out in the safe knowledge that we will change the world.

We begin to appreciate the security of a steady pay cheque, we get caught up in the status quo, we fall into a safe, secure routine – and then, over time, we realise that those grand dreams may never come true, and that we have bills to pay, families to support and real lives to fund – and somewhere along the way we might find ourselves plodding along in a job that never changes, that doesn’t stretch us, and which we can’t see a way out of.

This is your career plateau – a safe, middle ground that you’ve climbed to through putting in the hours, increasing your experience, and utilising the training and qualifications you began your career with – but what comes next?

The grand dreams may  have faded, the realities of life have pinned us down – and it’s common for people to feel that they can’t make any sweeping changes, switch direction or move on from a safe position when they have responsibilities and lifestyles that rely on the steady income of this ‘safe but unexciting’ job.

As those who entered the field behind us climb steadily past, new blood rushes the world in new directions, and the training we invested so much of ourselves into becomes obsolete, it can be daunting to make a new plan – but a change doesn’t need to mean everything changes.

If you want to shake off the safe place, progress and recapture the passion and grand dreams you once had, it’s time to reassess.


Where are you, where would you like to be, and what
steps can you take to get from here to there?

The opportunities to learn never end

No matter what level of your career you are in, there is always an opportunity for growth and learning – and expanding the knowledge, skills and experiences that you offer. Your experience is valuable – but if you stop investing in your own growth and development, why would an employer offer you opportunities to progress?

If you want to climb to the next level, look at where you might benefit from further learning, training or study – and find a way to incorporate that into your working life, through in-house training or learning programmes your employers support.

Great management want to retain the experience, skills and commitment of their workforce – so have an honest conversation with your employers about your goals, your dreams and how you can reach the next level – and ask for their support.

They may agree to fund your learning, or allow you flexible working hours to pursue further training and education, they may set you up with a mentor to support your development or introduce you to others in the business who can guide you through your next steps. They will benefit from your development as much as you will, so it’s in their best interest to invest in your training, and encourage your growth.

ASK offer a range of Leadership Development programmes which are designed to take people to the next level of their career – and we can guide you through the process of identifying the skills you already have, the areas in which we can support your improvement, and the progression up the ladder to the next stage of your career.

Don’t settle for ok – let us help you achieve your dreams; call on 01234 757575 to discuss how we can help, or download our brochure for more information on the Leadership Development programmes we can tailor to suit your needs.

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