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Women in Leadership

ASK Podcast: Unlocking Your Potential

Women in Leadership

The latest episode of our already very popular podcast Unlocking Your Potential is live – and this week Principal Consultant Laura Kean is speaking to Dannie-Lu Carr, another expert in the field of Women in Leadership.

The conversation covers how much progress has been made supporting the presence and impact of women in high-level leadership roles, and how far we still have to go across most industries. Important topics that impact working women – from the pressures and social expectations of family life to health concerns and the menopause – are discussed in detail, and both Laura and Dannie have a wealth of experience, expertise and insight into how organisations like yours can better support your female workers.

Listen to the podcast today via various platforms, and don’t forget to follow and leave a review; we’d also love to hear your input on not only this topic, but any issues you’re facing in Leadership right now, and if you’d be interested in being a guest on future episodes of the podcast get in touch.

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