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Unlocking Your Potential

360 Degree Feedback with Debbie Hance

Unlocking Your Potential - 360 Degree Feedback with Debbie Hance

The latest episode of the ASK podcast is live: follow the links below to listen wherever you usually get your podcasts.

In this episode, ASK Principal Consultant Debbie Hance – a chartered psychologist with more than twenty years of experience in consulting with her specialism in business psychology – speaks with Martin Dazley, our Business Development Manager, about one of the most popular tools that we use in our development programmes – the 360 report.

There are countless metrics, assessments and tools across the L&D industry, and if you’ve ever had professional development you will have seen some of these in action; why do we so often recommend a 360 report, and what does it entail?

In brief, a 360 report is an assessment that covers a ‘360 picture’ of someone. It covers their skills, experience, personality traits, communication style, and the impact the person being assessed has on others – essentially, it’s a detailed picture of how they are perceived by other people, which may not always align with how they perceive themselves!

This feedback comes from a range of people – from the individual themselves, from their professional peers, their managers, and the people they lead. This gives a range of very in-depth data, and of insight into the skills and expertise of that person – and helps to identify any areas that development and learning would be beneficial.

Listen to the podcast to hear Debbie’s expert insight into the benefits of a 360 as part of your development programmes and how your 360 works – including what factors are included in the assessment, and why input from your peers, your Managers, and the people you manage can help you to better understand yourself, your place in your organisation and the culture and dynamics within a team.

Hit the buttons below to listen – and if you’d like to speak to our team about your own learning and development needs, and whether a 360 is the right tool for your organisation, get in touch – call 01234 757575 or email hello@askeurope.com 


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