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Neurodiversity, and the adaptive brain.

 The key to all learning is intrinsic motivation – the fundamental driver for learning motivation is curiosity.

For any leader, meeting the needs of a modern workforce means ever-changing processes, and requires adaptability and a willingness to learn, grow and change – and to allow, and indeed inspire, that same growth and change in others.

 Adaptability may feel like something we either have or do not have, but in truth anyone can learn and change, if they are willing to put in the work it requires. The human brain’s plasticity enables us to adapt and to learn, and to re-route embedded behaviours to reach new outcomes.

 We know that simply describing new behaviours won’t lead to significant changes in your leaders and managers long-term, or in the culture of your organisation as a whole.

 However, transferring that learning into the day to day routines of your leadership team can have a significant impact on the adaptability of your organisation – meaning that your business is ready to evolve through the rapidly changing landscape of leadership, and the uncertainties of the global market.

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