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What is the value of expertise?

Expertise is valuable; being an expert, in any industry, is a goal we all share. It takes years to learn the skills, to embrace and understand every new technological development, and to progress from student to expert in any professional field.

This progression can only be successful if you are committed to that progress, and to the level of work and study that takes enormous investment – be that financial, or of your time – and expertise often begins with an innate skill or understanding in the area that you’re working.

When you love the work you do, and you commit to being the best that you can be, this investment in your career means that you build a reputation as an expert – and being a recognised expert in your field means that you become the go-to person for your organisation when it’s your specific skills that are needed.

It also means that you can be in line for promotion – leading the team who also need your unique skills and can learn from your expertise, and where you’re best placed to share those skills for the benefit of the entire organisation.

“The definition of an expert is someone who knows what not to do"

Charles Willson

Expert doesn’t always translate to leader

However – being an expert in your area is no guarantee that you also have the right skills to lead the team. Expert doesn’t always translate to leader.

Leadership is, after all, a skill in and of itself – one separate to and as important as the skills that have already been recognised and enabled you to progress.

This is where you need to invest once again in your personal development in order to take that next step up the career ladder. Invest in those other skills – those soft skills, the people skills, the skills that help you understand the dynamics of a team to bring out the best in all their work as well as your own.

If you are looking for progression, or if you are a business leader looking to grow your organisation with the experts you have in place, our expert to leader programmes are designed specifically to support the development of existing expertise into a more progressive leadership style.

Call today on 01234 757575 or email hello@askeurope.com to speak to one of our consultants and we can discuss how to bring out the best in your leadership team.

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