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Today marks the beginning of ‘learning at work week’ and the topic for 2019 is ‘Shaping the future’;

Shaping the future is something of a grand hope, and one we think is well worth keeping in mind when making any plans for the tomorrow, and every tomorrow, of our organisation. We also plan a better tomorrow, and every tomorrow, for your organisation by constantly looking at the latest news, technologies and advances in the psychology of learning so that we are better able to design and lead the learning courses which so successfully impact on the growth and development of your team.

This week (May 13th to 19th 2019, if you’re reading this in the future) is Learning at Work Week – a project backed by the Campaign for Learning, where the importance of continued learning is understood – an ethos we also fully support.

We hold regular training sessions in the ASK office, where we share what’s been working well for us, listen to each other’s feedback and concerns, and implement the changes which will streamline everything we do internally so that what we provide to our customers continues to improve, surpassing their expectations.

If you allow your team and their development to halt, standing still in the face of a rapidly changing economy, they will slide behind the growth of their peers in other areas – and they may begin to feel the strain of stagnation as their dreams of career development slips beyond their reach. This can make them resent their role within your organisation, and the leaders above them who – they believe – seem to be holding them back.

Do you want to restrict the growth and potential of your workforce? Or do you want to back their ambitions and successes, encourage and support their development and growth, and invest in them to show that they are valuable to you, and deserving of growth? The more you put in to the people who work for you, the more they will give in return, more able to fulfil their role and develop into a higher position, spreading their knowledge and experience through the team around them. This is a win/win situation – because they feel valued and stimulated, and your organisation benefits from the additional skills and processes they’ve learned.

If this sounds like something you’ve been missing out on, and you’d like to develop the skills within your team to improve the whole organisation, we can help with training courses for both personal and professional development, teaching leadership skills and helping your workforce to grow in confidence and understanding, enriching their working life, and what they bring to the board. If that sounds like just the thing you’re looking for, just ASK…