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Improving Your Emotional Intelligence in Communications

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What you will learn

In this webinar we will look at the building blocks of emotional intelligence and how you can implement them to communicate better, promote team cohesion and build stronger, more trusting relationships with both clients and colleagues alike.

This 45-minute ASK webinar will be full of interactive learning, examples, anecdotes, and opportunities to converse so as you not only cognitively understand how to improve your own emotional intelligence, you also develop your own simple and implementable toolkit.

About the webinar

Effective and positive communication is needed to ensure that we both know and understand our own habits, our own style, and our own needs as well as being able to read other people and see things from their perspectives too. Without the skills to walk this tightrope, we can get locked into all sorts of emotional and negative dynamics.

To get the best out of any situation requires sharp thinking and control of your emotions. As you deal with individuals or groups of people, how you respond will dictate how the conversations will go.

Low Emotional Intelligence in Business Communications often results in misunderstandings, reduced accountability, less proactivity when it comes to handling emotions, decisions, and/or productivity, and an increase in disengagement, illness, and absenteeism.

Meet the presenter

Dannie-Lu Carr

Dannie-Lu Carr is a senior training consultant, executive coach, and creative practitioner. She has been designing, developing, and delivering training for over 20 years across a wide range of different business sectors. Some of her specialist areas are Presentation Skills, Leadership, Personal Impact, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, Time Management, Creative Thinking, and EDI. Dannie is also a published author, acting coach, singer/songwriter, public speaker, and award-winning theatre director. She is a regular contributor to a range of media on issues around women in business and women in the creative arts.

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