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We’ve all heard the buzz about Millennials, and a huge number of businesses have adapted their structure and management style to meet the needs of their up-coming workforce – but what about Generation C?

Who are they – and what can we do for them?

Who are Generation C?

Generation C might be a term you’ve never even heard before – and without even knowing who they are, how can you get it right for them in the workplace?

Generation C might be predominantly a younger audience – but, unlike millennials, the boundaries this group fit within aren’t linked solely to age; C means Content – and Generation Content are the ever-growing band of people who work, rest and play creatively – whatever their age.

C is creation. It’s communication. It’s curation, connection and community. It’s creativity, making the most of the modern world – and these are the people sitting in your office right now. How can you, as a leader, make sure they perform well and keep them engaged in your business, and retain their unique skills?

Five ways you’re alienating Generation C

Leadership means understanding your people; what makes Generation C tick, and how can you include it in your day-to-day business model, and in the learning and development you offer your team?

Relationship building

Michael Corleone famously said “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” But for Generation C, it’s both.

Generation C are people-people; the human touch is what makes them tick. They aren’t as interested in statistics and sales lines as they are in who they’re selling to; building relationships with clients means that you’re more likely to retain their business – and encouraging this approach in your own team shows that you understand the importance of people in business.

Your Generation C workforce want to be heard and understood as people with a unique view on what you do – everyone has their own skills – as a leader, building a relationship with your team that allows for two-way feedback means they feel appreciated, and perform better.


Generation C sure can talk! These are the people creating the reams of content we find online – the blogs, the websites, the YouTube videos, the infographics and Instagram streams, these are the people who share, share and share again, using their global connectivity to share their passions, personalities and preferences.

As a leader, if you aren’t tapping into that and being part of the conversation, then you’re missing out on a mass market- and either not being discussed or, worse, being slated and not even knowing it.

Communication with your Generation C workforce isn’t just limited to the in-office relationship – it means a web of ways in which you share information and corporate messages; it means connectivity across all boards, and using that relationship to hear what they say and share as much as passing on your own message.

Honesty and integrity

Generation C are, as we said above, people-people. The relationships they build matter to them, and they’re making them all day, every day, engaging with their tribe through social media.

Any implication that someone has infiltrated this tribe dishonestly, or with an agenda that might be harmful, is quickly stamped down, and those who approach without integrity are rejected from their circle.

As a leader with a Generation C workforce, if you aren’t honest, open and up-front with your people or your business message, they’ll know. Not only will they know but, within minutes, their whole network will hear it – and that can be devastating to your business if their tribe turn on you.


Everything happens in an instant for Generation C; they share, comment, engage and respond in real time – and don’t like having to wait for the things they seek.

Instant gratification isn’t always possible in the workplace – but if your leadership team pay heed to this speed and efficiency, it can help you to get more from your workforce.

Though you can’t always answer their questions right away, or match the pace they want for their own professional development, what you can do to keep them engaged as they wait is to set clear boundaries and timelines for what they can expect from you – and lay out the same for what you’re expecting from them.

Generation C make their own opportunities – and are more likely to move from job to job, from company to company, to achieve that goal; discuss what their professional goals are, and make a plan to help them to achieve those goals within your business, and in return you’ll get a committed and passionate employee who is dedicated to their own development.

Fresh content

The constant creation and sharing of fresh, engaging content comes naturally to Generation C – short, snappy, informative and entertaining information will be enjoyed and shared on a massive scale if you hit the mark.

This approach to fresh content is where your business leadership team can really have an impact; all businesses need to offer learning and development, educating their workforce to stay current, work with the most modern techniques and technologies, and staying at the forefront of industry.

Be aware of what’s new, upcoming and current in your industry – and enable your workforce to do the same with the right training opportunities – and tailor that training to suit their way of learning and approach to life.

If this is an area you’re unsure how to embrace, speak to our team today for information on how we can create engaging leadership development programmes that will speak to your workforce on every level, and enhance their performance in measurable, significant ways – benefiting your leaders and business in a world that’s fast paced and ever-changing.

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