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Emotional Intelligence Webinar

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What will you learn?

Led by ASK Consultant Dannie-Lu Carr this live event looked at how important good strong communication skills are in your personal life and your work life. She gave some hints and tips on what you can do to improve your communication skills.  

Some of the key areas we focused on were:

  • The importance of good strong communications skills
  • How you might encourage others to open up more freely
  • How you might cope with difficult communication situations
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and why it is important in the workplace
  • How you might develop self-awareness and strategies to manage your own emotions
  • How you might develop social awareness and strategies to manage relationships

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About the webinar

Having an understanding of emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) can help you overcome hurdles in a more calm and controlled way. this is why we want to help you understand what emotional intelligence is and how to develop it in yourself and apply what they learn to your role beyond the webinar. Having a better understanding of EQ can help you as a leader support the needs of your team and their wellbeing in the workplace.


Low Emotional Intelligence in the workplace often results in misunderstandings, reduced accountability, less proactivity when it comes to handling emotions, decisions, and/or productivity, and an increase in disengagement, illness, and absenteeism.

Meet the presenter

Dannie-Lu Carr

Dannie is a very experienced Training Consultant, Executive Coach & Multi-Disciplined Creative Practitioner, who has been working across a wide range of business and creative sectors for over 15 years.

A passionate change-maker who specialises in galvanising positive transformation for individuals and organisations.

Dannie’s particular skill lies in creating honest, empathic and challenging coaching conversations, benefiting from her tenacious, no-nonsense personality and her skill in getting people to think past their usual mindset and seriously step up in terms of their professional and everyday behaviours.

As well as her coaching and consultancy work, Dannie is also a singer-songwriter, actor, published author and award-winning theatre director.

In 2015 she gave the acclaimed TEDx talk ‘The Inconvenient Truth for Culture’ and is the author of “Brilliant Assertiveness”.


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