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Communication Skills Webinar

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What will you learn?

In this webinar, we will look at how important good strong communication skills are in your personal life and your work life. We will give you some hints and tips on what you can do to improve your communication skills.  Some of the key areas we will focus on are:

  • The importance of good strong communications skills
  • How you might encourage others to open up more freely
  • How you might cope with difficult communication situations

About the webinar

Effective communication skills are the cornerstone to success in the business world today. Every job, no matter what it is, requires excellent communication capabilities. If you want to progress in your role, you need to be able to both express yourself clearly and be able to listen and understand the needs, wants and intentions of others when they communicate. 

In this 40-minute on-demand webinar, Rachel Powell, ASK consultant, will explore the importance of good, clear communication skills both when sharing your opinions and when listening to others. Listening is as important a skill as sharing and can make all the difference to how you respond to situations.

Meet the presenter

Rachel Powell Management Development Consultant

Rachel is a facilitator with over 17 years of experience, specialising in the design and delivery of virtual and online learning. She is an NLP Practitioner that is passionate and enthusiastic about the difference training can make. She is very experienced in all areas of soft skills but specialises in leadership, communication, and behavioural change.

Rachel has worked across numerous industries including hospitality, retail, NHS, and financial services. She is currently leading on the leadership development at North Wales Housing which is being delivered on a virtual platform.

Personal Style
Rachel’s enthusiasm, passion, and belief in developing people have put ‘training on the map’ in companies. She designs & delivers highly engaging and challenging sessions to really get the delegates to have the optimum experience and take the most away from the training session.

Her facilitative style (in design & delivery) works to motivate, engage and enthuse others. Her passion for learning and development shines through and helps motivate groups. She is confident and experienced in managing small and large groups, and designing & training people at all levels within an organisation

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