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Career Transition Coaching from ASK

There are many reasons that we might want to seek support and coaching as we face changes or challenges at work – whether that is through promotion, re-shaping roles, redundancies or the impact of significant events such as the Coronavirus Pandemic on how we work.

Maintaining performance through challenging situations and periods of significant change is difficult and, for so many of us, this has been one of the most challenging years in our professional lifetimes.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to adapt quickly and change the way that we work day to day, communicating and working in partnership with teams distantly and virtually, rather than in our familiar office environments. Added to this are the external pressures and difficulties of working from home, managing the needs of our personal and family lives whilst trying to work in imperfect environments.

The pandemic has also impacted business plans and financial security, meaning that many organisations throughout the UK have been forced to make some difficult choices in order to protect the ongoing concerns of the organisation. These may mean re-shaping a team, potential redundancies, changing the role and expectations of employees. No matter what stage you are at in your career, it’s important that your employers offer you support through these difficult transitions, and our transition coaching professionals are here to help you.

Any significant change to a business means that their employees can expect to receive appropriate support in order to perform at their best and guide them through these challenges, and many are looking for guidance and coaching to help them have those difficult conversations and make those hard choices in a way that protects the organisation and supports the needs of every individual in the workforce.

At ASK we have many years of experience in supporting organisations of every size through these transitions and the complex changes that they may have to face. Our expert Transition Coaching professionals are accustomed to working with professionals at every stage of career and can offer guidance through the process and towards the next steps that you can take.


If you think that you or your employees would benefit from some coaching and support as the ongoing impact of Covid-19 reshapes the way you work and the way your organisation functions, just ASK.

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