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Business Psychology with Tracy McNeill

Unlocking Your Potential: the ASK Europe Podcast

Business Psychology with Tracy McNeill

Unlocking Your Potential: Business Psychology with Tracy McNeill

In our latest episode Laura Keane is joined by Business Psychologist Tracy McNeill for an enlightening conversation, looking at the importance of behavioural change in any organisation.

One of the most important aspects is that “behavioural change needs to be tailored to the individual”.

Tracy and Laura discuss the impact that just one individual can have on a wider organisation, and how any Coaching or Development intervention must be tailored to suit the way that each individual naturally functions, communicates and behaves – and then to the culture, the environment your team is working within, and the goals you have for your organisation.

“Organisational change, at a cultural level, starts at just one person doing something differently, consistently – if that one person can influence somebody else to do something a bit differently towards the same direction we’re creating momentum; creating a change – through people”.

Incremental changes build new habits, beginning with individuals but gradually influencing on an organisational level – and that is the basis of every programme we develop and run at ASK, whether it’s a one-to-one Coaching programme for an individual leader, or a global intervention for organisational change across your entire workforce.

When we understand the psychology behind why we behave or communicate a certain way we can begin to better understand the impact just one individual can have – and how to better work as a team. Those small moments of understanding or realisation can have a huge impact on those group settings, and, over time, on everything.

Listen to the podcast today via the buttons below, and don’t forget to add Unlocking Your Potential to wherever you get your podcasts so you don’t miss any future episodes.

If you’ve got feedback or questions after listening to Laura and Tracy’s conversation please get in touch; we’d love to hear your points of view.

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