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Are you really making a difference with your L&D?

Learning and Development – just those few words can make people’s eyes glaze over, and ‘training days’ are a chore so many employees drag themselves to with resigned, lukewarm attention to tick the course off so that they can file the paperwork in their record and return to business as usual – but if your team aren’t inspired, engaged and buzzed enough to throw themselves into the change, has your L&D away-day taken everyone from the office for nothing?

With evidence showing that up to 80% of L&D spend fails to change behaviour or improve performance, how can you guarantee that you source the right learning programmes, get your team involved, and see real, lasting change, and see significant ROI in a way which takes your brand forward with real growth?

We aren’t just here to go through the process – and our team of consultants take enormous pride in developing and creating courses and learning programmes which truly make a lasting, significant difference to the development of your goals and experiences.

We know that attending a course isn’t enough, and that repeating the same information time and again isn’t the best way to educate – so we are always looking to expand our own knowledge, to try new methodologies, and to explore the psychology of learning to create truly significant change in those we work with.

This means that we don’t see our programmes as a job, and we don’t leave your courses and move on, never to look back. Far from it: not only do we support the ongoing transfer of new learning and methods into the workplace, positioning mentors and experts to support that embedding of what’s been learned, we also continue to evaluate and assess the application of your learning into your daily routine, and ensure that you create new, successful habits.

We always aim to develop lasting, engaging relationships with you and your learners, offering ongoing support and evaluations on performance and understanding, ensuring that the new learning embeds and has a lasting, effective impact on your ongoing journey.

Each course we develop follows the same key steps
engage, learn, transfer, evaluate.

That means that we explore who you are, what you’re looking for, and how you’ve experienced growth and success in the past, the traits and strengths you bring with you, and the areas you are most inspired by. We use this knowledge and in-depth exploration, hand in hand with the expertise and experience from our combined decades of study and development in L&D, to create a programme of learning that truly engages you. Which is tailored for you. Created for you.

Without support, few people are able to self-motivate long term and achieve change. In fact, studies show that less than 4% of people succeed in completing learning programmes unaided – which means that successful change can’t be a one man show.

With this in mind, we typically begin our programmes six weeks before the learning experience – working with all key stakeholders involved in the long-term success of the programme. That means building a team around the learners, with line managers, L&D practitioners, senior managers and HR professionals all coming together and committing to the aims of the programme – agreeing goals, accepting their shared and individual responsibilities to enable the success of the programme, and creating an environment which supports the learning and application of new capabilities.

We work with you through the experience of learning – ensuring at every stage that every member of the team built for the programme is up to speed and thoroughly committed to the process, and supporting the growth and understanding of everyone we work with, at a pace that suits you.

All new information is presented in a tailored way, designed with you in mind, and focussed on your goals, your industry, and your existing traits – which means that it’s easy for you to connect with and embrace the learning. We combine formal and informal learning, with personal goals, assignments, roleplay and coaching to embed the new information and allow for genuine growth.

The step that many incarnations of learning and development previously missed was transfer. Taking the information that has been learned and applying it in the office, in the day-to-day, in the way we think and act and do, back in the ‘real world’ outside of the classroom.

It’s easy to attend a course and pass a test – but the real test comes when we apply what we’ve learned, and make real, lasting changes to the way we work, the way we lead, the way we engage with our role, and that can only come from a commitment to grow and develop your approach to work and leadership.

This is the phase of learning that often sees the potential success fade away – where learners find themselves abandoned, those they’ve experienced the programme with drift back to their usual roles and the support dissipates; here is where you see the benefit of the supportive coalition created in the lead up to the learning experience. Each member of this learning team has good reason to remain engaged, has goals and targets for the learning, and is committed to the programme.

We have developed a range of tools to support you through this period, with additional coaching and mentoring packages which support the application of your learning, and maintain the engagement of the individuals and network who can apply new methodologies to the workplace; we aren’t just here to run a course and walk away – we are your partners on the path to lasting change – and we know that we can help you to make a significant change in your organisation, truly expanding your experience and skillset, which branches out to spark growth and change throughout your entire workforce as you take those new skills into the world.

The final key to the success of our programmes is the ongoing evaluation of those involved – assessing how what has been learned is applied, how processes might change, and supporting you through what can be a challenging process. We don’t just offer a programme – we offer a lasting, significant relationship which enables you to improve performance and understanding and sees lasting change and growth in your leadership, the wellbeing and success of your workforce, and the ongoing achievements of your organisation.

If you want to nurture the leaders of tomorrow, create a supportive and encouraging workplace culture, and see your organisation thrive as a result, download our guide and call us today to arrange a meeting with our consultants, who will talk you through your needs and how we can help you to meet them.

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