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Sales Training Proposal

ASK Europe

Prepared for: Martin Dazley – Bid Manager
Prepared by: Joanne Waddell

Sales Training Proposal

ASK Europe

Prepared for: Martin Dazley – Bid Manager
Prepared by: Joanne Waddell

Problem Statement

Challenge 1:

ASK Europe are a well established Leadership and Management Development practice and operate using an associate business model.

The business has had great  success in the Housing sector and with organisations like The Environment Agency and UK Research and Innovation.  

Historically they have had different people in the sales function, but recent changes mean that sales will be the responsibility of Alex Speed and Martin Dazley.

The business has engaged an appointment setting company to generate new sales leads and would like to ensure they are capturing the most value from these new leads. 

In Martins opinion the current sales process is not working, as the conversations simply do not lead to second meetings, or any form of business. 



We have been asked to deliver a proposal reflecting both option 1, Consultative Selling Skills course a second option based on our recommendations.  

Requirements Identified

Customer Requirements:

Questioning based selling, Consultative Selling Skills.


We have been asked to deliver a proposal reflecting both option 1, Consultative Selling Skills course as per our website and a second option based on our recommendations.  

Delivery Mode & Location

This project is to be delivered remotely online.

Delivery Language

The project will be delivered in English language, to include trainer, training materials and post training survey.

Number of people

2 Participants.

Solutions & Recommendations

Consultative Selling Skills Course (adjusted)

  • Session 1 – Modern Selling.  Professional selling is changing and without a thorough understanding of what you need to be successful, you will struggle.  Discover the “Sales Formula” and how you can apply this to any business, product, service or salesperson.
  • Session 2 – Advanced questioning skills.  Discover how to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert and ask powerful questions that help you sell value not price.
  • Session 3 – Mastering the complex Sale. How to identify different decision makers with different and  often competing priorities. 
  • Session 4 – Negotiation, Closing & Customer Success Mastering the art of negotiation, closing deals, and nurturing customer success for unparalleled business growth.


Consultative Selling Skills Course (Adjusted)



3 x participants @ £792 per person

4 x 90-minute modules delivered online                            












This quotation may be subject to taxes based on the invoice address and the point of delivery.

This quotation is valid for 90 days. Terms are net monthly in advance.



Delivery Team

Trainers & Coaches

We allocate trainers based on a number of factors such as the learning objectives identified, the subject matter, the trainers experience and their specialisms.  From within our company the following trainer/s has been selected:

Person's Name

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We currently have slots available in early November and December 2023.  

About Us

To become the global leader in sales training and coaching, redefining the industry by making training more enjoyable and a confidence boosting experience, whilst transforming business units into high-performing sales teams. We achieve this through practical, work-based learning, grounded in real life scenario and our core values of pioneering, accountability, teamwork, and humility.

At Klozers, our mission is to empower large organizations to realize their full sales potential. We differentiate ourselves by delivering hands-on, real-world training, informed by the strategies that have fueled our own success. Our bespoke programs, tailored to each client’s unique needs, focus on customer centric selling skills, setting their sales teams apart in the industry.  Our own growth journey is marked by agility and a challenger spirit as we expand from our European bases to North America in 2024. Our driving force is to be the industry leader, guiding both our clients and our team toward excellence, with pioneering and innovate learning solutions, unwavering accountability to our clients, collaborative teamwork, and the humility to learn and adapt.

We’re proud to announce our new initiative to train 100,000 graduates free of charge.  We’re committed to developing and supporting the next generation of sales professionals. 

Why We're Different

WE practice what we teach

We only teach the proven strategies and tactics we use in our own business.  This gives us a deep understanding of exactly what works and what does not.

Inbound & Outbound

Traditional training companies focus on Outbound which is great, but it’s only half the jigsaw.  We know exactly how to generate a consistent flow of inbound sales leads to your business.

We’re Just like you

We are just like you.  We are ambitious and growing fast – join us at one of our live events in 2024 at Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Boston and Las Vegas.  

Next Steps

1. Proposal – You are currently at this Step

Once you have reviewed the proposal with your colleagues we would encourage you to come back to us with any questions.  In addition, we would ask you to provide some suggested dates and times for the training.  Please note: we cannot guarantee the availability of any trainers until we are either in receipt of a written purchase order, or authority to proceed. 

2.. Meet the Trainer

When you are ready to move forward we would arrange a further call with the trainer (and coach if you’ve chosen a coaching program) that are allocated to your project. This is to allow you to meet the trainer, confirm dates, and clarify any details regarding the learning content. 

2. Project Confirmation

After meeting the trainer and confirming the dates, times and locations of your project we will generate a Work Order for you.  In order to move forward we would ask you to simply add a purchase order and sign the document.

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