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Personal Development Mentors – PDMs – turn good training into great performance, and ensure the application of new knowledge and capabilities.

All too often, training and development are nothing more than boxes to be ticked, and the experience leaves learners – and organisations – wanting more, and wondering why they invested their budget and time into the process.

Once a course is complete the true measure of personal development that results can only be seen with application of that learning into the workplace – and this can only happen with ongoing support. If this is left to managers, who are already over-stretched and attempting their own development simultaneously, this workplace application can fall by the wayside.

Knowing this, we pride ourselves on developing unique and personalised learning programmes which are as unique as the people attending them. With a focus on the broader strategic needs of not only the learner, but of their organisation and the long-term goals of both, we can circumvent the problem of applying learning to the workplace, and improve and support personal development with workplace mentoring.

New skills and knowledge need encouragement, deliberate practice and to be understood in their day-to-day context if they are to deliver on the promise of the training. All too often the potential improvements are lost in translation – and that’s where our Personal Development Mentods (PDMs) step in.

We work with individual learners to make the training personal, meaningful, effective and sustained, supporting them in many different ways beyond the initial training course. The support we offer varies depending on the need of the learner, and includes:

  • Identifying personal priorities
  • Preparing for formal and informal learning events
  • Identifying learning opportunities
  • Helping to apply new capabilities
  • Providing feedback
  • Organising workplace learning experiences
  • Identifying new capabilities and their potential impact
  • Monitoring performance impact
  • Setting personal goals to drive motivation and productivity
  • Future development planning
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